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From the Dept. of Dish It Out, But Can’t Take It


This is MSNBC’s front page headline on DeLay stepping out of the Congressional race. 

That’s it:  blame everyone else for the culture you created, Tom.   Talk about dishing it out — over and over and over again — but not being able to take the heat when it gets turned on you.  (And for more on the dishing it out part, hop in the "Way Back Machine" to this 1998 article on Slate.  What a read.)

Aside from Atrios’ adorable Snoopy dance moment (which is not to be missed), he also highlights this aspect of the DeLay resignation:  wonder how all those Republican members of Congress who donated their own campaign funds to DeLay’s re-election bid feel about him converting their cash to his own legal fees use?  Let alone his former constitutent donors and party bigwigs?  Emptywheel has some great analysis on the First Abramoff Casualty.

So many questions, so little time…

To fill that void, might I suggest the C&L "Tom DeLay’s Greatest Hits Clip File Through Memory Lane" Collection?  Who can forget such greats as "The Laws Tom DeLay Hasn’t Broken (Yet)"?  Or "Jackie Wants To Be Tom When He Grows Up"? Or "Hokey Pokey Shaky Hands Speech"?  And I’m told there is more to come. 

Man, I’m gonna have to order a schadenfreude six-pack if this keeps up today…

(Huge hat tip to Peter Daou on the MSNBC headline heads up.)

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Christy Hardin Smith

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