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Bob Knight wailing about Bug man's departure

They’re moaning about the Hammer…boo-f*cking-hoo.

Pro-family and religious leaders in Washington, DC, are lamenting the news that former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay is leaving the House of Representatives. Delay has been indicted for illegal use of campaign funds but has maintained his innocence.

The penis-owning head of the Concerned Women for America’s Culture and Family Institute is known for his tirades against homos.

Bob Knight of the Culture and Family Institute believes the lawmaker’s resignation from Congress will be a huge blow to pro-family advocates. “Tom DeLay’s departure will be a tremendous loss to conservatives,” Knight says, “because he did pursue a conservative agenda, especially on the moral issues.”

Faith and Action director Rob Schenck, a key religious leader on Capitol Hill, has also been one of Congressman Tom DeLay’s strongest advocates. The ministry spokesman says he is going to miss DeLay sorely in Washington, DC, because he is “at his core a very good man” and “a very fine Christian” who has provided exemplary service. “I wrote him a letter today,” Schenck notes, “and I told him how much he will be missed, that we thank God for his years of leadership. He did an excellent job, and the country will be at a loss for his absence.” According to Schenck, DeLay’s decision to resign is the noble way of handling the fallout from his indictment by putting his party above his own political career.

The potency of the Kool-Aid is remarkable.

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