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Blender Paul makes the news

One of our fave long-time Blenders, Paul Barwick of Paul’s Rants, was featured in an article today in The Seattle Times on the state of same-sex marriage. Paul Barwick was a plaintiff in the first gay-marriage lawsuit filed in Washington state. This is a good read.

It’s been more than three decades since Paul Barwick and John Singer walked into the King County auditor’s office and, amid the glare of news cameras, requested — and were refused — a marriage license.

In the annals of the gay-rights movement, the men were revolutionaries: Thirty-four years ago this month, they became the first gay couple in the state, and the second in the country, to sue over the right to marry.

A King County Superior Court judge and later the state Court of Appeals rejected their claim that state law denying them the right to marry was unconstitutional. Their case, Singer v. Hara, has become case law — cited by gay-rights lawyers as an outdated reference point and by their opponents as an enduring legacy.

…Though they were turned down, Barwick said, the action itself was significant. “There were an awful lot of young people who saw this on the news and called to say they’d never met another gay person.

“They thought they were the only ones. At times when I thought that maybe my life was all screwed up, those messages made it all worthwhile.”

We’re not worthy, bro. You blazed the trail. Thanks.

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