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A couple of values voters in AZ

Clifton Bennett, of Prescott, and Kyle Wheeler, 19, of Glendale give new meaning to the word depraved.

Blender Kim wrote me about this horrorshow, where two men pleaded guilty Monday to one count of aggravated assault — for shoving broomsticks and flashlights up the rectums of 18 young boys last year, according to the AP.

A little detail – one of these creatures, Clifton Bennett, is the son of Arizona’s Senate president.


I write you from the not-so-great state of Arizona to alert you to what is going on here. As every sane Arizonan is sadly aware, we have one of the wingnuttiest state legislatures around. Always pushing nutty legislation in the name of “Family Values” and well, you know, same old tired crap taking place on the national level as well. Well it seems the family values only apply to everyone but our great legislators and their families. Let me give you the the headlines and beginning paragraphs from 2 articles in our paper these past few days. This just makes my blood boil! These are the same creeps that are trying to tell us that we need to protect the family with a state marriage amendment banning gay marriage. I am so enraged I cannot see straight…

Wheeler, by the way, also pleaded guilty to an additional aggravated assault charge — he choked three of the boys until they passed out.

The kicker to this story, and it makes you sick, is how the prosecutor’s office described the factors he considered relevant in this case. It’s complete bullsh*t:

Yavapai County prosecutor James Landis said his office never considered the “broomings” as sexual in nature. Rather, he described what happened as a form of punishment or discipline.

He has said his office could not prove Bennett and Wheeler had any sexual intent.

He said the case likely would have been treated differently if the victims were girls or if there was evidence that the defendants were homosexual.

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