Sorry kid. Your best wasn’t good enough….

…now grab a seat and shut up. Posted by Picasa

If you watch the E! Entertainment channel, you no doubt watched the Koufax Awards show broadcast last Sunday night and know that I walked away empty-handed again (well, except for the nifty giftbag chock full of tchotchkes and personal electronics…Okay. It was a flashlight, but it was a nice flashlight). Although not bitter, I’m beginning to feel like the Marisa Tomei of blogging and I expect to start hearing whispers that my 2003 win was the result of an evening spent tabulating votes over one too many Zima & Robitussin PM cocktails (aka Kate O’Beirne’s Screaming Orgasm…ask your bartender). Anyway, congratulations to all of the winners found here, and just a reminder that, if you peel off the outer foil of your award, you’ll find it’s chocolate underneath.

Meanwhile I have set my sights on winning Best Expert Blog next year which gives me about one year to become good at something.

Well. besides that one thing…



Yeah. Like I would tell you....