A nation gripped by the threat of cartoon violence.

“Iraq? We invaded Iraq and it’s not going well? When did that happen?” Posted by Picasa

Michelle the Unhinged on a possible shake-up at the White House:

Meanwhile, lots of folks in the blogosphere are linking to this peppy “Bush Was Right” video.

There was a time when I’d be cheerily gung-ho about that refrain. But what with the administration’s botched response to the Danish cartoons, its lame reaction to the near-execution of Abdul Rahman, and its obstinate insistence on a guest-worker/amnesty plan, among other wrong-headed moves, I’m not in the mood to wave pom-poms.


John F. Kennedy had his Cuban Missile Crisis.

George W. Bush had the Danish Cartoon Crisis.

I think that about says it all.

(And, no, the video is not supposed to be ironic)

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