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Poor George Bush and His Mean Liberal Critics


The Washington Post’s Howard Kurtz has a few words about Keith Olbermann today:

Night after night, President Bush is being kicked, punched, slapped, poked, stomped and otherwise disrespected in one small corner of the cable television world.

And Keith Olbermann doesn’t deny it has been good for ratings.

"I find myself currently aligned, not in the sense of having membership, but being in the same part of the ballpark as a lot of liberals," says the host of MSNBC’s "Countdown."

Is Olbermann catering to the anti-Bush crowd?


Liberal bloggers have been praising Olbermann, but one online critic, Robert Cox, recently launched a new site, Olbermann Watch, where a contributor said: "Hello! Earth to Krazy Keith! When was the last time anybody who disagreed with your spin was permitted to sit for an interview with your almightyness?"

It’s pretty clear that Howie thinks Olbermann is a liberal.  Because the official Bush Administration line is that any journalist who criticizes Bush is a liberal (remember Dan Froomkin?)   There is no legitimate criticism allowed; it is all bulk-tagged as partisan.

I guess it depends on where you’re sitting.  And where is Howie sitting?

In his September 19 column, New York Times columnist Frank Rich referred to FOX News Channel as "GOP TV." In response, on the September 26 edition of CNN’s Reliable Sources, host and Washington Post media critic Howard Kurtz asked Rich if that label is "fair to [FOX News Channel] correspondents like Carl Cameron and Jim Angle and Major Garrett … who are trying to do a straightforward job."

This would be the same Karl Cameron who claimed John Kerry called Bush a "warmonger" (he didn’t), doctored a Kerry quotation to cast him as a flip-flopper, unfavorably distorted Kerry’s record and claimed Kerry had contradicted himself on Iraq when he hadn’t. 

Then again, this is the same Howard Kurtz who was the only mainstream journalist to give play to the Swift Boating of Murtha, both in the Washington Post and on his CNN show.

Howie also isn’t satisfied with the new statement made by the inappropriately non-hysterical Jill Carroll:

I just wish it had been in front of a camera, since it’s hard for a written statement to catch up with a piece of video that’s been endlessly replayed.

Someone please tell Howie that tape was made at gunpoint.  I understand she’s not playing the Sodomized Virgin role to his satisfaction but fulfilling his right wing objective expectations about appropriate hostage deportment but going before the camera again might not be particularly high on her agenda at the moment.

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