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On the way out?

When I was getting up this AM, dodging our three dogs — they were going ape over the bad thunderstorm outside — I flipped on the tube and saw that CNN was speculating that the Scott-bot‘s head might be on the chopping block.

My first thought was why on earth would they need to fire the guy — at this point he should be running screaming from the White House, as he has had to perform up there at the podium as the public lying sack of sh*t for this administration, taking the body blows over Iraq, Rove, Gannon, oh, geez, the topics that have driven him into a fetal position goes on and on.

What masochist will want to take that job? More at Think Progress.


Speaking of a job no one wants, it looks like the Bushies can’t find a warm body to step into Brownie’s old shoes at FEMA with the hurricane season approaching. Gee, I wonder why? A few of the candidates who said “Thanks, but no thanks” when they got the call (NYT):

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding