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Atrios has a tidbit from CNN this morning:  Scotty McClellan is on the way out.  Soon.  What will Holden do — that’s the best idiocy we’ve seen from the WH press podium in our lifetime.  The snark practically wrote itself on a daily basis.

Word to Scotty:  that’s what happens when you are rude to Helen Thomas.  Karma kicks your ass.

(For a great article on the DU-organized flower delivery to Helen Thomas, The Hill has a lovely round-up.  I’ve lost the link to the photos — if anyone has that saved, please leave a note in the comments and I’ll update.  It was such a fun moment.  UPDATE:  Thanks to angie, here is the flowers for Helen photo link.)

This morning, when I woke up and did my usual round the blogs news read, I decided that I want to be Josh Marshall when I grow up.  Good heavens, he and the TPM/Muckraker/Cafe staff get some great dirt, don’t they?

Got Coingate?  Looks like the Bush Administration, the Treasury Department and Denny Hastert do.  It’s not just for Ohio, any longer.  (And man, the Toledo Blade is smoooooking!  And the Muckraker has even more.)

Well, look whose favorite hitman has been an FBI informant all along.  Knock, knock, you’re screwed, Jack Abramoff.  No wonder he’s been so cooperative.  Trying to beat a murder rap causes you to cough up a whole lot of hairballs…a whole lot of really, really big ones, and even that isn’t enough most of the time.

Note to Tom DeLay:  I wouldn’t get too comfortable.  Between the Rudy plea last week and the continuing Abramoff cooperation, along with the mess you brought upon yourself in Texas…well, it’s getting hot in your neighborhood (you are so going to want to read this link), and not in a "thank goodness, it’s finally spring" sort of way.  (And truly, is there anything more beautiful than a post that connects so many dots around Tom Delay?  Genius, Josh, sheer genius.) 

UPDATEJeralyn has even more about some Tom DeLay e-mails.  And about the Gus Boulis-Gambino snitch hitman informant.

Uh oh.  Everyone’s favorite Mean Jean Congresswoman Schmidt seems to have…erm…lied about her college degree.  Seems she never actually got one, despite publicly claiming to have it.  The best part of the whole thing is that  this got exposed because there is an inter-wingnut smackdown in progress between Her Meanness and her previous primary opponant.  (Josh has the dirt.)  (UPDATE:  As Prof. Foland notes, I was inaccurate in my writing on the degree issue here and I want to be sure to state this correctly, because that is only fair:  Schmidt received one degree, but not the second that she also claimed to have received, according to records.  Sorry for being imprecise.  Chalk it up to reading and typing with a sick peanut on my lap.  Accuracy is important, and I didn’t want a correction to get lost at the end of the thread.)

And I somehow missed this in the Muckraker on Friday — Grover Norquist was running a shell GOP nonprofit as a front for lobbying.  No, say it isn’t so!

There will be some campaign fundraising filings available to the public in the Ralph Reed for Lt. Governor primary race in Georgia in the near future.  It will be a good time to assess just how damaging his association with Jack Abramoff and the pay-to-not-play scam they ran in Texas (with Sen. John Cornyn’s help) was for Ralphie.

Mercifully, Katherine Harris’ ego has proved stronger than her recent campaign implosion.  Hang in there until May 12th, would ya?  Georgia10 explains why this is amusing news.

Glenn explains why Orrin Hatch’s "the laws become unconstitutional when they become inconvenient for my political party" argument is malarky.

(Found this hilarious cartoon at Salon on Allen L. Roland’s weblog, and it was just too perfect.  It’s a Cagle.  And it’s freaking brilliant.)

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