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Neal Boortz 'apologizes'

Here it is, from his web site:


Talking about stepping in it!

Suddenly, for some people, the issue isn’t Cynthia McKinney hitting a law enforcement officer and then screaming racism. Nope. The issue is what I had to say about her hair style. That’s entirely fair — to a point. Last Friday I said that that hairdo … the wild and crazy every hair going in a different direction hairdo — made her look like a ghetto slut. Know what? That was wrong. Bad wrong. That was overboard. I know Cynthia McKinney. I’ve know her for years. I intensely dislike her anti-American politics and her constant race baiting … but on a personal level we’ve always gotten along just fine .. kidding each other … needling each other. I remember her spotting me sitting in the House visitors gallery one day and yelling (with a smile on her face, by the way) “Neal Boortz! Who the hell let you in here?” I’ve known her father much longer than I’ve known her. I have said on the air several times this past week that I think that she has an endearing personality and a million-dollar smile.

That being said, I don’t think that it was right to use the word “slut” in any description involving her or her hairdo. So … my heartfelt apologies to Cynthia McKinney. I’ll say it here, and I’ll say it on the air on today. When I’m wrong I’ll admit it with no hesitation.

Now this apology is going to mean absolutely nothing to those of you who consider every word ever uttered by someone-not-liberal to be “hate speech.” This apology is going to mean nothing to those of you who consider every negative comment or criticism ever made of or about anybody-not-white to be “racism.” Most of the people who have sent me some rather nasty emails in the last 24 hours know nothing about me except what they’ve read on some far-left websites. One listener from Saginaw, Michigan wrote to say that this apology indicates that I recognized my error and that I take responsibility for my words. He then wonders if it will be accepted. I am not concerned about whether or not it will be accepted. That’s up to McKinney. I’ve said this because it’s the way I feel. The apology, therefore, is for the millions of listeners who do know me and who were disappointed by my statement on Friday. Sorry I let you down.

Actually, I should be horsewhipped for saying something stupid that allowed, to some extent, the attention to shift from the wrongdoing of Cynthia McKinney to my ill-chosen words. The issue here is not how one would define Cynthia McKinney’s hairstyle. The issue is whether or not Cynthia McKinney assaulted a law enforcement officer who was merely trying to do his sworn duty. Contrast, if you would, my apology with that of Cynthia McKinney. McKinney has only said that she “regrets” that the incident happened. That is not an apology. So far as I’ve heard there has not been one “I’m sorry.” Instead, McKinney stages a news conference Friday afternoon featuring two of premiere Hollywood leftist jackasses, Danny Glover and Harry Belafonte, two men fresh from their recent appearance giving aid and comfort to America-hater Hugo Chavez in Venezuela. So, there is Cynthia McKinney, standing there with two men who have said some mighty foul things about our country and our president, accusing a police officer of being a racist because he didn’t recognize her when she circumvented a screening station. That man spends his days protecting McKinney and her colleagues; and she thanks him by calling him a racist for merely doing his job. Let’s see if Cynthia can eventually stand up and apologize for being a fool. I just did. It really doesn’t hurt all that much.

I’m glad to see that Boortz took responsibility for what he said; his racist and sexist comments were over the top. The above is about as good as you’re going to see out of the man. He was doing fine on this missive aside from the hard-to-miss exception of blaming listeners for grabbing onto the inappropriate offensive statements about Rep. McKinney’s hair instead of his interpretation of how she handled the Capitol Hill police officer incident:

“The issue here is not how one would define Cynthia McKinney’s hairstyle. The issue is whether or not Cynthia McKinney assaulted a law enforcement officer who was merely trying to do his sworn duty.”

That’s the whole point, fool. You’re the one who chose to make comments over the airwaves about McKinney that had nothing to do with the actual reason you were angry with her. You let your base racist instincts do the talking, and showed a complete ignorance of why the statements you made reached way deeper than a hairdo.

You did step in it, and it blew back on you, Neal. It was not irrelevant that he used the term “ghetto slut” and all the loaded connotations that came with it — but to his credit he figured that bit of business out — it took an avalanche of emails and calls to educate the man.

As I said in my initial post on the matter, in the end, it’s likely both McKinney and the Capitol police officer are in the wrong to some extent. McKinney’s post-incident press conference undermined cases of blatant and extreme racism that people experience every day, and the cop didn’t use the best judgment when interacting with her in that moment.

And yes, race always matters. The card gets played on both sides, and that’s what everyone needs to acknowledge — stop playing games with it — and start an open discussion about how to overcome the problems that cascade from the lack of concern and understanding.

Hat tip, Ann.

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