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More whiny fundie babies mad at GOP

They get what they deserve, then they eat their own. No wonder you have pols like John McCain and Mike DeWine sucking at the fundie teat these days. The bible-beaters are stirring up the sh*t of discontent once again to remind all the clowns they put into office that they didn’t do the bidding of God’s people.

Take out the teensy violin for the AmTaliban; they are just figuring out the Rethugs have been sucking up to big business and not adequately tending to the needs of the faux-pious sheeple.

Pro-family advocates are saying the GOP-controlled Congress has failed families. Dr. Alan Carlson of the Howard Center for Family, Religion, & Society contends the Republican Party has not lived up to its promises to families. Carlson points to the recent bankruptcy bill as an example. “Congress helped the banks, helped the credit card industry, gave them what they wanted — but really didn’t look at the interest of families here,” he asserts, adding that huge interest rates and late fees have harmed families and yet were not addressed.

Carlson on what our priorities should be: “We will build a new culture of marriage where others would define marriage out of existence. We will welcome and celebrate more babies and larger families where others would continue a war on human fertility.”

Carlson insists anti-family attitudes can be seen much of the time when Congress teams up with big business. “Major corporations will favor working mothers, [which] drives down labor costs,” he says, “and the GOP has done nothing to help families with a stay-at-home parent.” Carlson continues: “They do nothing to help families that make all the sacrifices to keep a parent at home to care for little children. As I said, again, when the interests of big business and the interests of average families collide, the GOP almost always gives way to the interests of big business.”

Christian leader Tony Perkins, like Carlson, suspects the unrest among the GOP conservative base is occurring because some core issues are being ignored. The Family Research Council president points to the right over marriage as a prime example. “When you look at what the discussion has been since 2004, marriage has been absent from the vocabulary,” he observes. “In fact, in the State of the Union address, not this year but last year, it was mentioned; this year it wasn’t mentioned. So, clearly, there is a concern that those core issues are not being addressed.” But conservative supporters want to hear reinforcing comments on that right now, he adds. According to Perkins, they still believe the president should take a stronger stance on the issue of protecting traditional marriage with a constitutional amendment.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding