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Love from the mailbag

Man, I haven’t gotten a live one like this in a while. He’s referring to my post, Head of Mormon church: “Gays have a problem”. Enjoy.


I read, with interest, your blog on Mr. Gordon Hinckley, the leader of the Mormons. While I do not follow that sect, I do admire their standards. I have met people of many different faiths and know there are some good in all of them. I’ve also met a lot of gays and lesbians and have found some goodness in some of them also.

I must admit that I abhor the homosexual lifestyle as I do believe that is against nature, meaning of course that it’s just flat unatural. I mean come on, how in the crap is a women having “sex” with another women, or a man having “sex” with another man going to create a child? Now, in reality, isn’t that why we’re here? Some men “get turned on” watching women having “sex”with other women, but to me it’s like watching a dog sniffing another dog’s rectum.

Anyhow, that’s not why I’m writing you this e-mail. I am writing because of the disrecpect that you have shown to Mr. Hinckley in your sick column. A “walking corpse”? Do you realize what a lame attempt you made? All this man said was that you people need help and he would like to help you. I’ll have say that I do admire him for his well-meaning statement, but you and I both know that that isn’t possible because there is really no help for you people because what you have is a sickness and it is indeed in epidemic proportions. Who know though, maybe some day there will be a cure for AIDS or if not, it will eliminate most of you, but unfortunately you will take a lot of straights with you.

The caption in question: The President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, walking corpse Gordon B. Hinckley, wants to solve our “problem.”

After looking at your profile, I’m thinking what a pitiful, unhappy little person you must be. I mean afterall you do NOT have very much going for you if that is the way you choose to live. You and your entire following, as you parade in the streets flaunting your indecent behavior are so sad and misled.

Well, I’ve said about all I need to say, but I do want to thank you for the opportunity to write you and express my sincere feelings. Here is hoping that someday the scientists will find a cure for the illness that plagues you and those others who live your lifestyle.

Very Sincerely,

Joseph B.

Oh, I didn’t bother responding to this one; I’m busy working on something else right now, so I figured that I’d enlist your help in addressing this pitiful, unhappy little man, since he’s obviously reading the Blend and addressing all the homos out there as well. 🙂

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