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Now that the baseball game is over…and the basketball game is over (trust me, the women’s game will be better played)…and Tom DeLay is over, it’s time to move on to other things, and this is a tricky one.

First off, here is the email I received today from April McNellie:

To the idiot,

You know if people like you had more time on your hands the United States would definitely be in more trouble than it already is. The trouble is not Bush the trouble is not Iraq, the trouble is selfish individual like you who love to bash the ones that give you the right to write what you do. When you bash Bush you bash the troops as well. I’m currently serving in the United States Marine Corps and it disturbs me tremendously to read what individuals like you write. I always hear or read “ I don’t support the war but I do support the troops!”, that is the biggest BS statement that I have heard yet. You can’t straddle the fence. If you can’t support the war than you don’t support us. We are a powerful nation because of our military. Without our military we would be just like Iraq. No discipline or self conscience of life. We would be a nation at war in our own country like in Iraq were they have been fighting each other for years. So before you practice your freedom of speech that many others have sacrificed for you in the past, think about how well you have it and how bad you could have it. The bad is coming and you will soon figure out that in the time of war America needs to come together instead of imploding within itself. This country is going down hard and fast but, I promise you this I will know were I stand when that time comes. I will fight for my country I will not hide behind a newspaper article or a protest I will be on the front lines trying to fight off the enemy from taking my country. If you don’t think that it can happen remember 9/11 when our country was hit by surprise because we never thought it would happen to us. I will close with these word, President George W. Bush is my Commander and I will stand behind him through thick and thin because we can only stand strong together.


P.S. The Iraqi war is a huge success and we are going to finish the job because I have lost a brother over there and to leave now would be a disgrace to him.

The “idiot” (that would be me) would like to respond while fully realizing that to get into a dispute with someone who may or may not be in the Marines and may or may not have lost a brother in Iraq is a no-win game. But what the hell. It’s no more of a fool’s errand than was the invasion of Iraq.

I’m not going to start out with a platitude such as “I honor your service and the service of your departed brother….” because to do so is go on the defensive when I have nothing to be defensive about.

Simply put, the Iraqi war was and is a boondoggle and over 2300 service men and women have died because of this horrible horrible miscalculation, and by carefully choosing the term ‘miscalculation’ I’m being polite. Back when Congress gave George Bush a “Get Out of Jail Free” card to go after “evildoers”, I said that it was akin to giving a slow child a Louisville Slugger and sending him out into a yard full of of hornets nests. Nothing that he has done since then has surprised me.

The war is lost. It will not be won. Iraq is not better off since we invaded, destroyed its infrastructure, killed countless thousands of civilians, and turned it into a training ground for future terrorists. And because of that we are less safe than we were before 9/11.

Finally, to be perfectly blunt, and so that there is no misunderstanding, let me just say that neither your service nor the service and death of your brother (assuming both points are true) gives you any special privilege, right or moral authority to dictate to me what I can or cannot say about this country, this war, or this President.

To paraphrase Lillian Hellman: I cannot and will not curb my freedoms to fit this year’s fashions.

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