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2005 Koufax Winners


Congratulations to all the winners and nominees of the 2005 Koufax awards, of which we were one.

I remember having lunch with TBogg and Digby last year just as I was really starting to get into the Plame affair heavily (driving almost every reader I had away in the process, all 50 of them).  TBogg made some joke about the fact that it was becoming "all Plame all the time" over at FDL and I said "you wait, this thing’s going to be HUGE!"  Not that I believed it myself.  He smiled indulgently, patted my hand and ordered another ice tea.  One Koufax later, here we are.

(Digby recently reminded me that the reason we met in person in the first place was because I’d said I’d read the 568 page SSCI report and wanted to discuss it.  Anyone interested in luring Digby into the open, that’s a great place to start.)

The Plame saga is also what brought Christy to the blog (I think this was her first appearance; after acting as a legal advisor for a while, she finally started posting).  While I was comfortable writing about the media aspect I knew that one day we’d get to a place where a lawyer, and specifically a prosecutor, would best be able to deal with writing about the story once it reached the courts.  I’d heard of Reddhedd over at Kos where she was a frequent commenter and things just happened from there.  It’s worked out wonderfully, and speaking for myself I couldn’t be any happier or luckier to work with her as a blogging partner.

Thanks to everyone who voted for us  to the people at Wampum for running the contest once again.  Both Christy and I really appreciate it. 

Best Blog — Non Professional
Crooks & Liars

Best Blog — Professional or Sponsored
Josh Marshall of Talking Points Memo

Best Blog Community
Daily Kos

Most Deserving of Wider Recognition
Echidne of the Snakes

Best New Blog
Glenn Greenwald of Unclaimed Territory

Best Writing
Digby of Hullabaloo

Best Single Issue Blog
Jordan Barab of Confined Space

Best Expert Blog
Pharyngula by P.Z. Myers

Best Group Blog
Shakespeare’s Sister

Best Post
Bag News Notes for Katrina Aftermath: And Then I Saw These

Best Series
FireDogLake for Plame coverage

Most Humorous Blog
Jesus’ General

Most Humorous Post
Dood Abides for The Wizard of Oil

Best State or Local Blog
Bluegrass Report and Tennessee Guerilla Women

Best Commenter

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