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Filing an FCC complaint against Neal Boortz

In my earlier post, The politics of hair – Neal Boortz edition, I blogged about the unbelievable racist and sexist commentary of Neal Boortz on his radio program about Rep. Cynthia McKinney (D-GA), which included these statements about her hairdo (which as far as most reasonable people can ascertain, has nothing to do with the facts of her run-in with the Capitol Hill police):

“She looks like a ghetto slut.”

“It looks like an explosion in a Brillo pad factory. It’s just hideous. To me, that hairstyle just shows contempt for — no, it’s not an Afro. I mean, no, it just shows contempt for the position that she holds.”

“She looks like Tina Turner peeing on an electric fence.”

Whether you like her hairstyle or not, this is more than a superficial slam on someone’s looks. It’s not irrelevant that he selected the term “ghetto slut” and all the loaded connotations that come with it. Read the rest of my post for the rest of my rant on the politics of hair and race. As I said:

Whatever the facts of the incident end up telling us, the fact that, Neal Boortz took the focus back squarely on her hair to denigrate her is both racist and sexist. Debating her behavior in the incident is one matter, but it’s telling where the RepubliKKKan thinking goes.

Does this make McKinney’s press conference race card bloviating justifiable? No. Does it mean the way she was treated has nothing to do with race? No. Is she being punished for deigning to think she should have been recognized? Maybe yes, maybe no. Was it presumptuous to think she should be recognized? I don’t know.

However, folks can put some heat on this racist bleater Boortz. Here is the FCC complaint form that can be used to share your opinions of Boortz; reference the original audio of his diatribe, which is posted at Media Matters, along with the transcript.

Here are the stations that air his show (PDF).

Blender Michael adds this pertinent info for folks heading over to fill out the FCC form:

FCC COMPLAINT FORM INFO: Be aware that the FCC requires certain compulsory information as follows and which I am providing here.
DETAILS ABOUT THE PROGRAM: If you listen to Boortz’s comments at the link Pam provides, then you can fill this in as you see fit. But clearly referring to Rep. McKinney as a “ghetto slut” and “ghetto trash” just about covers it, although he says other offensive things as well. I am not sure of the time the comments were broadcast and I simply put in a question mark in the space provided. But if you simply refer to the program by its proper name, THE NEAL BOORTZ SHOW, that should be adequate.

Folks also asked about sponsors of the Boortz show. They are conveniently supplied on his web site. They include:

* Chevy Trucks
* Dekalb Tire Company .
* Georgia Pressure and Steam
* (Photos, consumer reviews, 3rd party credentials and Better Business Bureau reports)
* Longhorn Steakhouse
* Mister Sparky, Inc.. An Atlanta electrical service company
* Overhead Door Company of Atlanta. Call us at 404-USA-DOOR. Email.
* Solomon Brothers Fine Jewelry
* Splash Town, metro Atlanta’s home of the BullFrog Spa.
* Taylor Construction.
* Trotter Company is Georgia’s largest foundation repair and drainage contractor.

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