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'Ex-gay' BS in the Tar Heel state

You want to know a secret? I still find myself attracted to men occasionally. To those of you with the puzzled looks on your faces, let me say it a different way. I have found that God’s provision is not necessarily eradicating the same-sex attractions; His ways, which are not my ways, include strengthening the shoulder that bears the burden. And as Dr. S. M. Lockridge used to say “That’s my King!”
— “Pray away the gay” proponent Tim Wilkins of NC’s Cross Ministry, who says he’s a former homo ready to walk you out of homosexuality

Please. This nonsense has got to stop. The ex-gay movement has zero credibility, yet these clowns keep popping out of the woodwork, this one out of Wake Forest.

A North Carolina-based ministry is planning a series of conferences geared toward church pastors, staff members, and lay leaders in an effort to better equip them to minister to those who want to leave the homosexual lifestyle.

Tim Wilkins is a former homosexual who now runs Cross Ministry, which helps to equip churches to evangelize and disciple the homosexual. One of the ways Cross Ministry achieves its goal is through conferences that convey — through personal testimony, workshops, and literature — the reality of change for those struggling with same-sex attraction. This summer, Wilkins’ ministry will hold a series of one-day conferences under the banner of “More Than Words.”

…But that is not the case, Wilkins says. “[T]his conference is for everybody — pastors, associate pastors, church staff, professionals, mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, neighbors, coworkers.” The ministry website promises to get conference attendees to the “bottom line” where they can make a difference in the lives of homosexuals by “witnessing the grace, love, and power of Jesus Christ who makes ‘all things new.'”

Wilkins says while Christians know homosexuality is wrong, most of them do not have the knowledge to refute homosexual propaganda — and churches and schools, he says, are being bombarded with such misinformation in order to legitimize homosexuality.

“The emphasis [of the conference] is walking people out [of the homosexual lifestyle] rather than talking them out,” he says. “Therefore, we’ll be dealing with such issues as what’s a parent to do when a mother, father, or guardian, or some family member learns that a son or daughter or loved one is dealing with homosexuality.”

In addition, says Wilkins, the conference will touch on such issues such as untwisting so-called “gay theology.” Wilkins has run up against that quite often. “Over the last 20 or 30 years, there are those who are trying to rewrite scripture in order to say that the Bible condones homosexuality,” he notes.

Last year, Jeremy of Good As You put out the bait to “ex-gays” by challenging a few to come forward and agree to appear on 700 Club to take a lie detector test with him, and would have only one question asked: “Are you a homosexual?”. Tim Wilkins responded.

On his web site, Wilkins explains why he couldn’t go see Brokeback Mountain and it says a lot about how successfully “ex” he is.

A reporter from The Christian Post asked my thoughts about the movie and I obliged. My comments as a former homosexual were made from the reviews I had read–comments which generated numerous emails to me from individuals arguing that I could not make an intelligent comment on a movie I had not seen.

They suggested that my viewing the movie would be beneficial in responding to the reporter’s questions. I told them and the reporter that my going to see Brokeback Mountain would be similar to asking a former alcoholic to go to a liquor store to buy his neighbor a toddy for the body.

…I am aware that an ultra-literalist might argue that viewing the movie does not constitute sexual immorality, but let’s remember that sexual immorality can be a thought as much as it can be an act.

On a more simplistic level, I urge people who are allergic to bee stings to avoid bees–fair skinned women to void the sun–lactose intolerant men to avoid dairy products–asthmatics to avoid perfumes–and hay fever suffers to avoid pollen.

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