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Australian prime minister Howard: 'I'm Not Anti-Gay'

Come the f*ck on – is this the new meme for the retro-homophobes — a variation on “some of my best friends are…” as they attempt to legislate the rights of gay folks away? Jeezus. (365gay):

Australia) Australian Prime Minister John Howard says that his government’s threat to expand its ban on same-sex marriage to include civil unions is not anti-gay.

This is not an anti-homosexual gesture,” Howard told the Ten Network on the weekend. “This is a gesture to support the special and traditional place of marriage as a heterosexual union for life of a man and a woman in Australian society.”

Last week Howard’s Attorney General, Philip Ruddock, told the government of the Australian Capital Territory he would block proposed ACT legislation that would create civil unions giving same-sex couples all of the rights of marriage but without the name.

“Why we’re against what the ACT is doing is that, in all but name, they are equating same-sex unions with marriage,” Howard told Ten Network. “I don’t support that, not because I’m against homosexuals, but I think there should always be a margin for marriage as we understand it in our society … you don’t equate a gay union with a traditional marriage – that’s our position.”

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