Fear and Tbogg in Las Vegas

Then again, maybe we’ll fly… Posted by Picasa

Since all of the cool kids are doing it, the bewitching and torrid mrs tbogg and I have decided to move our late May Palm Springs vacation to Las Vegas to coincide with YearlyKos. Usually we go to Palm Springs that time of year to do a little baking in the sun for that deep-dark pre-cancerous Hawaiian tan that we Southern Californians tend to favor. This year we thought we might change it up.

Why, you might very well ask, would we want to go to Vegas to hang out with dreary liberals instead of going to a Conservative function?

Here is a group ofa Conservatives after their panel discussions and workshops.

Here is what liberals do when they get together in Vegas.

You make the call.

We’ll be the ones wearing the Mr & Mrs. Victor Davis Hanson name-badges…

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