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The kink factor is off the meter in western NC

I guess there really isn’t much you can say about this story except to print the facts as they are and let it fly…(Asheville Citizen-Times):

Three men charged with performing castrations in a sadomasochistic dungeon in their Haywood County home will go to court on Monday, a prosecutor said today.

A judge during the hearing, called a 96-hour hearing, will advise them of their right to remain silent and to legal representation. They will also be given the opportunity to apply for a court-appointed attorney, District Attorney Michael Bonfoey said.

…The first hearing that could provide more details of the castrations and illegal surgeries will be an April 12 probable cause hearing. The state will offer evidence that shows it had cause to believe a crime was committed, the prosecutor said.

Oh, but it gets better.

Investigators believe at least six men traveled from across the nation and abroad to learn “slave training” and have their genitals mutilated by a man they called “Master Rick” in a sadomasochistic dungeon inside a home in the Allens Creek community.

Haywood County authorities said Friday the men were castrated during eight illegal surgeries at the house on Peace Mountain Road. The operations took place from June 2004 to November 2005.

OK. How many guys out there aren’t holding the family jewels at this point? Oh, yes, and the investigators said that the victims were willing participants to boot.

By the way, as one expects in unhinged cases like this, there’s always some joker who is a complete dunce when doing something illegal — one of the suspects actually filmed himself doing the slicing and dicing and burned it to DVD, which was found by the police when his home was searched.

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