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Late Nite FDL: Blitzer’s Bigot Barbecue Contest


Atrios made a very good point this morning when discussing Nagournay’s NYT piece on blogs:

[L]ike every other article which mentions blogs it avoids commenting on the racist freak show that is much of the right wing blogosphere.

I’m going to assume this is because our corporate media bretheren haven’t really taken a look at the bowels of LGF, Free Republic, Red State Racists et. al.  As C&L noted today, Wolf Blitzer had the good sense to ask Hugh Hewitt about the political influence of blogs, but he let Hewitt get away with calling the left a "fever swamp" and he and his fellow wingnut radio personalities "quite responsible" because the FCC regulates them.  Now Wolf should know that the FCC only cares about  bosoms and the fact that he let Hewitt slide on this is bad enough.  But I think Wolf may need our help in discovering what actually passes the community standards at the right-wing sites.

I know the site owners like to claim that they are not responsible for the content of their commenters, but that’s crap, especially for sites that compel registration.  We delete racist, homophobic hate speech whenever it is brought to our attention — as do all sites on the left that I’m aware of.  If it is allowed to persist on right wing sites, it clearly rises to the level of their standards.

So let’s help Wolf be able to come back at Hewitt the next time he spews his bullshit.  We’re going to limit the contestants to the top 100 sites on TLB because we don’t want to dredge up crap from anyone too small and call it representative.  No, we’ll stick to the biggies.  And we’ll be running it every night this week, looking to see if they in fact deserve the reputation for racial sensitivity they claim or no.

There will be five winners, one for each of the top five comments voted "biggest bigot" by the community.  For their prizes they will get to chose from:

1. An item from the FDL Store
2. A copy of Crashing the Gate
3.  CD-ROM, "Senator Russ Feingold"
4. The Politics of Truth by Joe Wilson.
5. The chance to do your own post on FDL Late Nite 

After Matt Stoller posted this and it got linked to about a thousand times during the BenDom matter, RedState threw Blanton overboard (hat tip to Matt for all his work exposing Blanton).  Could it be that Patrick Ruffini is getting a little nervous having the GOP associated with sites that are quite this open about their bigotry?  Hmmmm?

I don’t know.  But let’s find out.  Again, maybe we’re wrong.  It could be, just as they claim, there is nothing bigoted about Erick Erickson and the Georgia Poll Tax law he wrote (an attempt to suppress African American votes) that was declared unconstitutional.

But I think it would be irresponsible not to find out, don’t you? 

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