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I always get a chuckle when I hear people say that it’s bad to needle Democrats because they just won’t take the blogs seriously any more.  As if they had that luxury.

Mucho crap in the latest Nagourney piece, and he doesn’t bother to mention the site devoted exclusively to his personal bag of  bullshit, but I guess "Democratic Consultant"  (*cough*) Steve Elmendorf got the message that we were not happy with him:

On the left in particular, bloggers have emerged as something of a police force guarding against disloyalty among Democrats, as Steve Elmendorf, a Democratic consultant, learned after he told The Washington Post that bloggers and online donors "are not representative of the majority you need to win elections."

A Daily Kos blogger wrote: "Not one dime, ladies and gentlemen, to anything connected with Steve Elmendorf. Anyone stupid enough to actually give a quote like that deserves to have every single one of his funding sources dry up." Asked about the episode, Mr. Elmendorf insisted the posting had not hurt his business, but added contritely: "Since I got attacked on them, I read blogs a lot more and I find them very useful." One of the big challenges to the campaigns is not only adjusting to the changes of the past two years but also to anticipate now the kind of technological changes that might be on hand by the next presidential campaign. Among those most cited are the ability of campaigns to beam video campaign advertisements to cell phones.

"All these consultants are still trying to make sense of what blogs are, and I think by 2008 they are going to have a pretty good idea: They are going to be like, ‘We’re hot and we’re hip and we’re bloggin’,’ " said Markos Moulitsas, the founder of the Daily Kos. "But by 2008, the blogs are going to be so institutionalized, it’s not going to be funny."

Bloggers, for all the benefits they might bring to both parties, have proved to be a complicating political influence for Democrats. They have tugged the party consistently to the left, particularly on issues like the war, and have been openly critical of such moderate Democrats as Senator Joseph I. Lieberman of Connecticut.

Still, Democrats have been particularly enthusiastic about the potential of this technology to get the party back on track, with many Democratic leaders arguing that the Internet is today for Democrats what talk radio was for Republicans 10 years ago. "This new media becomes much more important to us because conservatives have been more dominant in traditional media," said Simon Rosenberg, the president of the centrist New Democratic Network. "This stuff becomes really critical for us."

Harry Reid admitted  we were the only game in town (sad though that is) now that the right wing noise machine has so thoroughly conscripted the corporate establishment media (and pinheads like Nagourney).  Which is why it was so perplexing yesterday that Democrats on the Judiciary Committee all banded together to sink one in Feingold’s back.  Establishment media forget these things and move on (unless the GOP tells them otherwise).  The blogosphere, which at its best serves as institutional memory as it shapes ongoing narratives, does not — and they can rest assured there is no safety in numbers.  This one is going to work its way back in to the ongoing stories of everyone who participated, they have my personal word on that.

And if Lieberman does in fact get tanked it will be because we’ve become adept at reverberating our message with local Connecticut media, something the Lamont campaign well understands and which the Elmendorfs of the world still charge a high price for having no fucking clue about. Neither, for that matter, does Nagourney.  The game has so far outstripped and advanced any knowledge that either of them has of it, let alone the existence of the playing field, it’s rather pathetic.

Might I suggest they start with Crashing the Gate

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