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Abandon ship on the Harris campaign

Looks like the boobage is getting more attention than what’s coming out of Katherine Harris’s mouth, seen campaigning at a restaurant near Kissimmee on Saturday. Photo: Ed Sackett/Orlando Sentinel

In this Orlando Sentinel article, it’s clear Katherine Harris need not worry about spending any more dough on her campaign to unseat Bill Nelson as from his Senate seat. Her operation is falling apart, with resignations expected at all levels of the campaign. Boo hoo.

The last of U.S. Rep. Katherine Harris’ key staffers appear ready to abandon her campaign for the U.S. Senate in a wave of resignations expected to start this weekend.

Sources close to the campaign said Friday that the defections would touch virtually every level of her operation.

Harris, who is running against Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson, is likely to lose her chief political strategist, her campaign manager, her spokeswoman, her director of field operations and even a traveling aide who helps hand out stickers at campaign appearances.

It is the latest and most dramatic indication so far that her campaign is on the verge of collapse.

I’ve never seen staffers go like this,” said David Johnson, a Republican pollster and consultant. “It’s just imploding.”

Hat tip, Raw Story.

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