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Funny or bigoted?

Queer Beacon has a Dodge/Daimler Chrysler ad up that recently ran during Desperate Housewives.

In the ad, a fairy is flying around NYC, using her fairy dust to brighten up, “prettify” an elevated subway, then a building (above).

She sees the new Dodge vehicle and makes several attempts to, I don’t know, make it more “cute”, but her fairy dust is repelled by the manly, butch Dodge, including one blast that bounces the fairy onto the pavement (below).

An “average het Joe” is walking his “all-American” black Labrador, and sees what happens to the fairy, points at her and laughs, saying”You silly little fairy!”

So what does the fairy do as revenge for being teased? She turns him into Dodge’s vision of a queer boy, complete with what looks like either foo-foo French poodles or Pomeranians (below).

In case you’re wondering, since I ran the post on the anti-gay, hypocritical practices going on at BMW North America (it markets to gays, but doesn’t have a same-sex spousal equivalent benefits policy for its employees), Dodge is actually noted by as a gay-friendly auto company.

My guess that the ad actually tries to play it both ways — gay folks could find it an amusing jab at stereotypes, but it plays to the homo-bigoted stereotypes held by the red-meat Dodge het crowd at the same time.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding