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At least he wasn't streaking

Jail escapee caught in underwear. The thing is that he managed to scoot over a mile away, on the loose for 20 minutes before he was caught. The report didn’t indicate boxers or briefs.

A Shelby County jail inmate briefly escaped from the Shelby County Courthouse this afternoon, taking off his orange jumpsuit and running around downtown Columbiana in his underwear, according to Columbiana Police Chief Johnny Brown.

Shelby County Sheriff Chris Curry personally helped recapture the escapee, according to the Sheriff’s Dept. The inmate, identified as Rex McGovern Edmonds, was being escorted to the restroom when he slipped out of his restraints about 1 p.m.

Hat tip, Kathy, who said that “Columbiana is a thriving metropolis of less than 4,000 — not a great place to disappear”

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding