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Another closet case serving Dear Leader?

Andy Card stepped down this week, and Josh Bolten was named as his successor as chief of staff to the Preznit. Josh sounds like an interesting guy…Mike Rogers over at BlogActive seems to have caught on to something: Josh Bolton dated David Dreier’s ‘beard’.

So, the new White House Chief of staff is unmarried and brings his mom to official events. It’s not that fact that has many in DC raising eyebrows this morning…. It’s that apparently The President of the United States thinks his new Chief of Staff is worthy of the same treatment as that closet case David Dreier.

White House Chief of Staff with Official GOP beard, er, um, I mean Bo Derek.

Josh, I don’t know if you’re hiding something…. Trust me, if you are, Bo Derek is not very good at hiding some things.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding