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Late Nite FDL: Bad Night for Bush’s Favorite Democrat

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Update:  Ned Lamont only needs 300 more donations to make it to 3000 donors tomorrow.  As Atrios says, even $10 is a donation

Connecticut Democrats openly booed Joe Lieberman during a high-profile party dinner with both Ned Lamont and Jim Dean of DFA in attendance. Although key note speaker Barak Obama had good words for the man who had knifed him when John McCain kicked him in the face, those words paled next to Obama’s passionate opposition to the war and the lies that brought us there, an implicit critique of Lieberman’s warmongering.

The Associated Press:

Despite the camaraderie between the two, the crowd was clearly more receptive to Obama’s remarks than Lieberman’s speech about party unity and the potential for Democratic victories at the ballot box this fall. In fact, scattered boos greeted Lieberman when he took the podium, and he had to stop three times during his remarks to shush the crowd so he could deliver key points.

Ned Lamont, a Democratic activist and anti-war candidate from Greenwich, is challenging Lieberman for the party’s nomination this year. Legions of supporters of Lieberman and Lamont both attended the dinner.

Lieberman, who is seeking a fourth term, also faces an Election Day challenge from Paul Streitz of Darien, who is trying to win the Republican nomination.

Some Democrats at Thursday’s event said Lieberman’s support of the Iraq War is still a sore point with them. In fact, the Democratic town committees in Windsor and Manchester both recently passed resolutions condemning Lieberman’s stance.

"Those of us who’ve been on the shooting end of the war gallery aren’t happy at all about what’s going on," said Warren Packer, a Manchester Democratic Town Committee member and military veteran. "I think he’s done some good things for the state, but he has to answer for the war.

I got this email from a Ned supporter who attended the dinner:

Ned worked the room going from table to table while Lieberman stayed penned up like veal in the high donor section.  The response to Ned was great and Obama’s speech (while endorsing Joe) emphasized how ridiculous it was to measure progress by cell phones – a direct shot at Joe and played on Ned’s themes of a progressive government."

And a diarist over at Kos has this to say:

Dodd gave a typically excellent speech, but when he asked us to stand for Joe, only maybe half of the crowd did – the rest sat on our hands. Joe gave a rousing and funny speech (at least for him), but could barely be heard over the clink of silverware on plates. (which I swear was louder when he spoke then when Dodd did). The crowd barely paid attention to him.

Barak Obama gave a typically amazing speech, handicapped only by the obligatory pro-joe stuff. You could just feel the energy in the room decrease every time he had to praise Joe. He must have hated to do it. A great orator hates to ruin a good address.

One of the best cheers for Barak came when he attacked the War and the lies that led to it – I just wish I had been close enough to see Joe’s expression.

All in all, a very good night for Ned. His supporters were well represented in the room. I actually saw as many of his buttons as Lieberman’s. And the lack of enthusiasm for Joe from the party elite was simply stunning.

I am encouraged.

I have no doubt Holy Joe’s reception at a GOP gala would’ve been much warmer.  This is a full-on disaster for Lieberman.  He has been openly, publicly scorned by Democrats in his own state.  Funny how that happened just as he threatened to suck up all the party funds for his own campaign if everyone didn’t help him tank Lamont?  I’m sure everyone else running for re-election really appreciated it.

Does he even realize people hate him for this backstabby shit?  I’m starting to think he doesn’t.

Your Nedvestment has never looked better. 

(graphic by Dark Black) 

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