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Bush’s Favorite Democrat Needs GOP Votes


Update:  John at AmericaBlog is reporting that Lieberman was booed when he stood up at "a Connecticut state Democratic party dinner" tonight.  I am trying to confirm if this is the Annual Jefferson-Jackson-Bailey dinner where Barak Obama was scheduled to speak and Ned Lamont was in attendance, seated with Jim Dean of DFA.  

Seems Holy Joe is a bit miffed at Walter Shapiro’s article in Salon yesterday since Shapiro claimed weasly, petulant Joe had ruled out running for the Senate anyway even if he lost the Democratic primary to smart, principled self-made man Ned Lamont.  The Journal Inquirer reports that a Lieberman consultant contacted Salon and indicated Shapiro had misinterpreted Lieberman’s statements:

But a Connecticut political consultant working for Lieberman said today that the writer for the Internet newsmagazine that published that report may have read too much into the senator’s response.

"We don’t even talk about that because he has no intention of losing the primary," the consultant, Roy Occhiogrosso, said.

Well we’d venture to say that nobody intends to lose but alas it does happen to a rather large percentage of people who actually run in primaries.   What does it mean?  Hard to read it any other way than Joe believes that even if Democrats reject him, Republicans will come in and save his bacon.

His noise about being a committed Democrat notwithstanding, George Bush’s beloved Lieberman would jump parties to keep his seat.

Did we really expect anything else?

Crooks & Liars also has a nice radio clip about the thin-skinned "Senator Fuddy-Duddy" (I’ll be using that one).  And Ned Lamont is looking to reach 3,000 contributors by the March 31 filing deadline (he’s at 2590).  You can help him do that here .

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