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Steve at No More Mr. Nice Blog has a post up about the conservative crone that goes by the name of Schlafly. I went to read the linked article but I couldn’t get past the picture (seen above).

Christ in a tube-top, that is frigging hideous.

Now we know that Phyllis Schlafly has a gay son. Don’t they talk to each other? Doesn’t he throw up in his mouth just a little every time he goes into that room?
Actually he probably throws up a little in his mouth a little every time that he remembers that Phyllis Schlafly is his mother, so never mind that.

What is doubly appalling is that Phyllis is undoubtedly proud of the room which is why she let the NY Times take a picture of it. I guess we should take solace in the fact that she used up all of of that fabric so we won’t be seeing Laura Bush or Torie Clarke wearing a jacket made out of it.

Lets not even talk about the area rug that is two shades off with a slightly different pattern…

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