This just in: Kids on man’s “goddam” lawn again…

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Personally we’re glad to see that Michele Malkin is off the Danish cartoon beat. Quite frankly she was starting to appear unhinged (or maybe that was Jesse, we can never tell). Now it’s “mesicans, mesicans, mesicans” which is her real passion when it comes to playing the hating game. And there is no slight to America that she can’t inflate into proof that brown people, other than herself, are taking over the world.



The Stars and Stripes have been replaced by the Mexican flag at Chasewood North, and residents of the condominium community off Central Boulevard are puzzled as to who made the switch.

“I woke up Sunday morning and looked up from my patio and then realized that the American flag wasn’t on the flagpole,” said Sue Miller a Chasewood North board member. “What captured my attention were the colors — at first I thought it was an Italian flag, but one of our residents said it was the Mexican flag.

“I went to the flagpole, to see if the American flag was maybe on the ground, but they took it, and they cut the rope to get the American flag down and the Mexican flag up as well.”

A best estimate of when the switch took place is Saturday night… It may be several weeks before the Stars and Stripes once again fly over Chasewood North, according to Miller, who at one time was the resident manager of the complex.

“We tried to get the flag down but couldn’t, so we need to hire a company with a boom truck to get up there and replace the rope and put up the American flag,” she said. “I would guesstimate that this would cost $500 or more to do.”

Just thought you should know, because, well, you probably aren’t going to hear about it from Katie Couric or the NYTimes.

Yes. Because if there is one thing that the people of this great nation need it’s important breaking news involving a Florida condo association. Personally I’m waiting to hear about the last meeting when they talked about getting the sprinkler system fixed. Saul and Ethel’s hibiscus is just dying, I’m telling you….

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