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Tom DeLay's problem: he loved Christ too much

In my post on the goings-on at the unhinged “Values Voter/War on Christians” conference put on by Rick Scarborough of Vision America, I somehow missed this gem about ace-crapmaster of corruption, Tom DeLay.

Apparently Jack Abramoff’s bed buddy’s real sin was his faith in Christ in service to this great country simply turned everyone against him, not the rank corruption and power-play politicking. Can you believe this came out of a sane person’s mouth? Scarborough on the sins of Bug Man:

“I believe the most damaging thing that Tom DeLay has done in his life is take his faith seriously into public office, which made him a target for all those who despise the cause of Christ,” Scarborough said, introducing DeLay on Tuesday. When DeLay finished, the host reminded the politician: “God always does his best work right after a crucifixion.”

Spindentist at All Spin Zone:

I’m unable to write more just now, as I’ve got this image of Tom DeLay, “loving Christ too much,â€? in my head. And I can’t shake the image. No, it’s not a porn thing, and I’m not imagining DeLay fellating Jesus or anything, but more imagining him sitting at a bar and drowning his sorrows, slurring his words at the bartender and crying in his Shirley Temple. Yes, Jesus would have rejected Tom DeLay’s advances.


UPDATE: It looks like Jack will have plenty of time to think about his own misdeeds, as he makes friends and influences big burly cellbuddies in the Big House.

Jack Abramoff, a disgraced lobbyist at the heart of a Washington influence-peddling scandal that has rattled top Republicans, was sentenced to nearly six years in prison on Wednesday for fraud in the purchase of a Florida casino cruise line.

Abramoff, who is cooperating in a federal investigation into whether Washington politicians gave his clients favorable treatment in exchange for campaign contributions, Super Bowl tickets and other illegal gifts, was sentenced to 5 years and 10 months in prison.

Abramoff, along with co-defendant Adam Kidan, was ordered to pay $21.7 million in restitution. Kidan was also sentenced to 5 years and 10 months in prison.

Abramoff pleaded guilty in a Miami federal court in January to conspiracy and wire fraud charges, acknowledging he faked documents to get a $60 million loan to buy the SunCruz fleet of gambling ships in 2000.

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