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Memo to Ken: Congress better not buck Bush

RNC memo to our dancin’ man Ken, via Hotline, putting out the word that members of Congress up for election better not slam Dear Leader to gain needed votes. Oh, what a feeling!

To: Ken Mehlman
From: Jan van Lohuizen
Date: March 3, 2006
Re: Bush — Congressional Republicans

…Most members will be elected with between 80% and 100% of their support coming from Republicans. I don’t see that Republicans driving a wedge between themselves and the President is a good election strategy.

…The President is seen universally as the face of the Republican Party. We are now brand W. Republicans. The following chart shows the extremely close correlation between the President’s image and overall ratings of the party.

President Bush drives our image and will do so until we have real national front-runners for the ’08 nomination. Attacking the President is counter productive for all Republicans, not just the candidates launching the attacks. If he drops, we all drop.

Folks, brand W is going down like a mafia squealer with cement shoes on in the Hudson River. If you want to join Dear Leader and don a pair to sink with him, please, go right ahead. You’ve hitched a ride with the War President on the way up in the polls, and now you can endure the downward spiral of broken “conservative” promises, lying, criminal behavior and power-grabbing of the executive branch along with your man. What’s not to love?

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding