UPDATE:  KStreet corruption poster boy Jack Abramoff was sentenced to 5 years, 10 months today in Miami.  (Along with business partner Adam Kidan.)  The AP (via the NYTimes) has more.  NOTE:  This is only for the Miami charges.  The DC phase sentencing will be separate and apart from this court hearing — so more to come on this.

Hotline Blog got its hands on a Ken Mehlman/RNC memo warning that Republicans had better not try and distance themselves from George Bush in the upcoming 2006 election cycle.   Yep — you just run on that "tied to W at all costs" theme as much as you possibly can, Rubber Stamp Republican Congress.

Great strategery.  Really.

Contrary to what the VandeHei headline says in the WaPo today, most folks are having more of a "not much new" reaction today to the Card resignation and the installation of fellow crony and W pal Joshua Bolten.  (Including Malkin, who called it shuffling the deck chairs.)   Gives that whole go down the hallway and pick out another crony so you can continue "to dance with the ones what brung you" a whole new meaning, doesn’t it?  Not exactly the "new blood" that party elders were hoping for, is he?  (btw, in case you missed it, Froomkin had a great review of the resignation and new appointment in yesterday’s White House Briefing.)

Oh, put down your coffee before reading any further.  Josh found a doozy of a photo lie lfrom Howard Kaloogian last night — and got some confirmation from a Kos reader "jem6x" this morning.  Mwahahahaha.  (Thanks to reader Pat for the heads up on this one.)  Turkey is a whole world of difference from Iraq in terms of safety these days…uh oh, Howard.

Francine Busby must be having an hilarious morning at campaign headquarters today.  Nothing like one of you opponants, for convicted bribery recipient Duke Cunningham’s seat, getting caught in a bald-faced lie during the campaign, now is there?  (Especially since it doesn’t seem to be Howard’s first lie.)

not feeling any safer.  Nothing like dirty bomb material slipping into the country from a number of ports and border sites.  Remind me again, who is it that’s in charge of the Executive and Legislative branches?  Oh yeah, it’s the Republicans.  Heckuva a job.  (How’s Chertoff working out for ya now?  Wasn’t Katrina enough of a failure?)

President Bush is currently giving yet another speech on Iraq.  Meanwhile, Jack Abramoff is being sentenced — with no coverage of the outcome of that hearing as yet.  Will update as I hear news on that.

(Thanks to reader neojoe for the hilarious pix.)

Christy Hardin Smith

Christy Hardin Smith

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