Un-American activities

Off to see it… Posted by Picasa

Back in a few hours…unless we’re arrested by the Kulture Kops.

Later that night…..

Well that was fun.

Armed with only two tickets, a Mr. Pibb and Red Vines (crazy delicious) the lovely and talented Casey and I went and saw V for Vendetta tonight in a theater located in former Congresman Randy “Doing Time” Cunningham’s district. Perhaps chagrined by the antics of the former war hero and lover of fine antiquities, we were not confronted by patriots of many colors (white, pinkish white , pale white, eggshell, and mochachino) as we went in to see an assault on everything that is good about America, if by good you mean a populace made numb and dumb with fear.

Was it agitprop? Hell yeah.
Was it about the Bush administration? Hell yeah.
Is it something that people will look back years from now and say, “Well, it’s not like we weren’t warned”…?

I certainly hope so.

Oh. And people applauded at the end.

America haters, every last one of them…

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