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Michelle Malkin and her faithful group of readers (that would be the Minutemen who can read) are having a freakout over students…protesting! Since I live here in the belly of the beast (San Diego) where approximately 3500 students marched out of school to attend a rally at Chicano Park, I thought you would like to see the level of concern expressed by the local San Diego Union-Tribune in today’s paper.

Meanwhile, Captain Cubicle from the Land of Minnesota, chimes in to explain the motivation of the Brown Horde from the South:

The rallies in Southern California only ripped the lid off of a well-known dynamic in the culture that mixes native guilt with radical illegal-immigrant activism to fuel the La Raza dream of Aztlan, the reconquest of the the Southwest and its return to Mexico or existence as a separate nation. This radical notion has been around since 1969 and plays a part in the fringe politics of the Southwest. However, the increasing sense of entitlement for illegals in the area has led this impulse out of the shadows and into the forefront of the amnesty movement by enabling people to argue that the illegals are returning to their own land and that the US lacks the sovereignty to declare otherwise.

It’s a well-known dynamic? I did not know that. I’ve lived here my entire life, was in high school and college during the height of the La Raza movement, and the notion of a “dream of Aztlan, the reconquest of the the Southwest and its return to Mexico” being applied to a people just looking for jobs and a better life for their families is a xenophobic fever dream.

Or as 15 year-old Nicholas Quintero said:

“We’re here because they’re treating us badly. The Mexicans just want a better life and they’re just doing what white people did a long time ago.”

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