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Where's Pandagon?

I’m moving this back up, in case Pandagonians are surfing by…

UPDATE 3 (3/28, 4PM): We have a new host, but the server is not up yet. The link takes you to the new home, where there’s a kick-ass message:

Your web host sucks. They all do. Site after site tried to shut us down, but they pissed off the wrong crackers. Pandagon and Hyperbolic Films have teamed up to smack the geeks of the world upside the head with, a hosting service fueled by panda-like lazy insolence and obnoxiously embellished narratives. Feel the ground shaking? That’s the host-tatorship trembling in fear. They know we’re coming and no bandwidth restrictions in the world can stop us now.

UPDATE 2: “Pandagon’s taking control of its own destiny and firing up a dedicated server for the panda nation. We expect to be up and running by Thursday morning. So take this week to reflect on how much you miss us and we’ll be back in less than 48 hours.”

UPDATE (3/28): Amanda’s found a host — HostGator — and someone to go in on a dedicated server. She says that HG has been really helpful. A server will probably be set up this morning, an account in place and then the WordPress site will be migrated. No ETA yet, but we should be back up soon, with a Paypal button up for folks to send a little love for the mondo increased costs.


The back story…

Where is Pandagon? The answer is, I don’t know. If you go over there, you’ll see a message about the account being suspended (a more explanatory index page is now up). Amanda, the site admin, switched hosts over the weekend and all seemed well, but this AM, I went to post, and well, you can’t get in.

11:45: Amanda emailed me that she’s working on it; hopefully we’ll get news on alternative plans or a fix soon.

2:45: Amanda — “What I’m probably looking like doing now is redirect to the PowWeb site for now. That means the weekend stuff will be temporarily gone, but there will be a site for people to see.”

She also said that the site may need to move to a dedicated server, since it sounds like use of bandwidth is a major problem.

Late this afternoon: Amanda’s got a temp index page up to say the site is down.

Pandagon is temporarily down, due to the broken promises of our new (soon to be old) server host. After the Crack Pandagon Geek Squad sleeps off the despair-driven bender we went on, we’ll be moving the site yet again. Please bear with us.

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