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The War on Christians and the Values Voters conference

The looniest of the fringe right met yesterday and today in D.C. to obsess about fetuses and homos in preparation for the 2006 elections.

Vision America‘s The War on Christians and the Values Voter in 2006 conference featured an all-star cast of the bible-beating, religious right-fawning set. My earlier post on this, Extreme fringe winger intel, has more on the organizer, Rick Scarborough.

Some of the folks attending:

Senator Sam Brownback, Senator John Cornyn, Congressman Tom DeLay, Gary Bauer, Alan Keyes, Phyllis Schlafly, Janet Parshall, Janet Folger, William Greene, Ron Luce and Rod Parsley. Here are some choice quotes from folks you may recognize who bleated away at the conference.

Defending the family is a key goal of the so-called “values voters.” The traditional or natural family is one of the targets of the political Left, said Peter LaBarbera, executive director of the Illinois Family Institute. He said he was proud to share the stage with “heroes in the fight for normalcy.”

Peter Sprigg, the Family Research Council’s vice president for policy, noted that the family “is not merely a social construct subject to infinite redefinition. “We believe what makes a family is one man and one woman uniting in marriage for a lifetime and bearing children from that union,” Sprigg stated. “We are against anything that threatens the traditional family or undermines that idea,” including pre-marital sex, pornography, adultery and prostitution. “And yes, we are also against the practice of homosexuality,” he added.

Sprigg said Christians do not hate homosexuals. “On the contrary, we desire the best for them. However, we believe engaging in behavior that is unnatural, immoral and dangerous to the public health and their own health is not the best thing for people with same-sex attractions.” He noted that the FRC and similar organizations also oppose the “gay agenda,” which “demands full acceptance of the practice of homosexuality — morally, socially, legally, religiously, politically and financially. “Indeed, it calls for not only acceptance, but affirmation and celebration of this behavior as normal and even desirable,” Sprigg said.

The Rev. Lou Sheldon, chairman and founder of Traditional Values Coalition, stated that the “gay agenda” would come to a quick end if Americans rose up in numbers against it. However, “Christians are nice guys, and nice guys finish last,” he added.

LaBarbera agreed with Sheldon’s analysis. “By simply saying we oppose the sin and not the sinner, we leave the playing field to homosexual activists and their euphemistic talking points, which are ‘discrimination,’ ‘equality’ and that poor euphemism, ‘sexual orientation,'” he said.

…While most speakers said they prefer using the word “homosexual” instead of “gay,” Sheldon said he usually sticks with the term’s original meaning: “sodomite.”

One of the interesting things unveiled at the conference is the Values Voters’ Contract with Congress, an unhinged document that I am presenting to you here (and this is the SHORT version) for commentary, jaw-dropping and all-around ripping up. It’s an amazing piece of batsh*ttery.

We are citizens of the United States of America and subjects of the sovereign Creator, acknowledged in the Declaration of Independence as the Supreme Ruler and Judge of the World. We strongly affirm our allegiance to the Constitution of the United States, and are moved by our faith in God to join together now to defend government of, by, and for the people against the greatest assault it has ever faced: the destruction of our Constitutionally-mandated republican form of government by judges who legislate from the bench and, thereby, subvert our liberty and our entire way of life.

In defense of our national principles, our Constitution of self-government, our decent character, and our shared national identity, we the undersigned citizens of the United States come together in support of actions we hereby agree to be right and necessary for the common good of all.

We therefore seek the following:
1. TO AFFIRM the national relationship with God in our places of worship, schools, mottos, and public spaces, we call for the passage of –

* The Pledge Protection Act to prohibit activist judges from taking “under God” out of the Pledge (H.R. 2389, S.1046);
* The Constitution Restoration Act to prohibit activist judges from ruling against acknowledgments of God (H.R. 1070, S.520);
* The Public Expression of Religion Act to prohibit activist judges from ordering taxpayers to pay lawyers who seek to erode our national relationship with God (H.R. 2679); and
* The Workplace Religious Freedom Act to promote religious accommodation in employment (H.R. 1445, S. 677).

2. TO SECURE our national interest in the institutions of marriage and family, we call for the passage of –

* A constitutional amendment to completely protect the institution of marriage; and
* The Marriage Protection Act to prohibit activist judges from forcing states to redefine the institution of marriage (H.R. 1100).

3. TO SECURE our fundamental right as parents to the care, custody, and control of our children, we call for the passage of –

* Legislation to codify the principles set forth on Nov. 16, 2005, in House Resolution 547 which would protect parental rights;
* The Child Interstate Abortion Notification Act to prohibit the transportation of minors against parental rights (H.R.748);
* The Parental Consent Act to prohibit the use of federal funds for any universal or mandatory mental health screening (H.R. 181);
* The Child Medication Safety Act, to protect children from being coerced into taking drugs in order to attend school (H.R. 1790);
* Legislation that empowers parents to choose schools for their families that share their value choices, as well as ensures families are not forced to pay twice for their educational choices; and
* We call for enforcement of the Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment (PPRA), which prohibits schools from using privacy invading surveys or evaluations without prior written parental consent (20 U.S.C. 1232h).

4. TO SECURE our God-bestowed right to life, we call for the passage of –

* Legislation to affirm the right to life of our children before birth;
* The Human Cloning Protection Act to prohibit human cloning (S.658, H.R. 1357);
* Legislation that protects life by prohibiting the use of human embryos for research;
* The Unborn Child Pain Awareness Act to raise awareness of the pain experienced by children before birth (S.51, H.R. 356); and
* Legislation to prohibit any taxpayer
s’ money for organizations that perform, promote, and/or fund abortions.

5. TO SECURE our God-granted liberties, we call for the passage of –

* Legislation to reverse the loss of religious liberty for churches concerning their involvement in moral and social issues;
* Legislation to ensure that speech and lawful religious expression are never punished as a “hate crime”;
* An amendment to the Higher Education Act to guarantee First Amendment rights of worship, speech, and association to students and employees as a condition of federal grants and student assistance;
* Legislation to complete the incarceration process through prisoner re-entry training and child mentoring; and
* Legislation or policies that call for continued rejection of the anti-family and deceptively-named “U.N. Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW).”

6. TO SECURE our God-given stewardship of property, we call for the passage of –

* Legislation affirming that government may not redefine “public use” to take the private property of one person to give to another.

7. TO SECURE an environment of decency that is free from pornography and obscenity, we call for the passage of –

* Legislation to restrict obscenity and pornography, and guard against its mis-stated protection under the First Amendment.

8. TO SECURE just taxes, and end immorally destructive taxation, we call for the passage of –

* Legislation to fundamentally reform the national tax system and reduce the tax burden on Americans; and
* Legislation to make permanent Marriage Penalty Relief and the Child Tax Credit.

9. TO SECURE our national borders and identity, we call for the passage of –

* True Enforcement and Border Security; and
* Legislation to prohibit, in cases of constitutional interpretation, the use of foreign law as authority.

10. Judges who legislate from the bench subvert our republican form of government of the people, by the people, and for the people, and threaten all these legislative aims.

THEREFORE, WE URGENTLY CALL FOR Judicial Restraint, and an end to Judicial Activism.

* We call for the passage of the Judicial Conduct Act to hold federal judges accountable to the Constitution.

Above every consideration of selfish passion, ambition, or interest, we hold to the ultimate intention of our Constitution: to secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity. For this purpose, and in support of the beliefs and actions we have herein declared, we pledge our lives, our fortunes, and our faithfulness, so help us God.

Man, these folks are overreaching. If they think this is going to go over like the Contract With America, they are sorely mistaken. This document reeks of extremism and a tenuous grasp on reality.

And remember. these are the kinds of people folks like tools John McCain and Mitt Romney are trying to suck up to for ’08. Please, let them have to answer questions about whether they endorse the Values Voters’ Contract with Congress.

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