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Late Nite FDL: Portrait of the Artist as a Young Blogger


Long before his meteoric rise to blog stardom, in 2001 a young Atrios took it upon himself to stalk Christopher Hitchens — much as we intend to stalk support Ramesh in his hour of need.  Let us draw our inspiration from him as we read of his adventures as written up for Media Whores Online in Part One, "An MWO Reader tries to bring down The Nation " and Part Two, "The Hunting of the Snitch."  They are blogger classics indeed.

Thanks to Digby for suggesting them and many, many thanks to Brad for locating them; Atrios himself did not know where they could be found.

And if anyone has been wondering where TBogg has been, he has been busy translating intelligence documents with all the other right wing suckers Arabic scholars as they "unleash the power of the net."   Pajamaline will be snapping him up any minute, no doubt.

(photo by Jeralyn, courtesy Gavin of Sadly, No!) 

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