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Hey Ramesh, WHAZZUPP??!!! (The Sequel)


Glenn Greenwald is not allowed to blog until he finishes his book and currently communicates with the world only through a series of desperate emails.  But Ramesh he was so moved by your plight and by your courageous defense of your editor, Ben Domenech, in which you did not mention that he was in fact your editor, that he took the time to write:

That would be like if some huge public controversy broke out involving  Jennifer Nix and I started writing post after post defending her without  mentioning that she’s my editor and without anyone knowing that we have  that professional relationship.  As you know, you work with your editor  constantly and develop an important relationship with them.  To defend  them in a matter of public controversy without disclosing your  relationship to them is totally misleading and journalistically  unethical, and that’s just what Ramesh did.  I read Ramesh’s defense of Ben at the time and had no idea Ben was his editor.  I’m sure that’s  true for many NRO readers.

I told you we’d all come out for you Ramesh. Our blog bond is thicker than politics. 

Meanwhile Gilliard has a nice letter to Jim Brady up at the HuffPo, and Eric Weiner says enough already with the Wingnut Affirmative Action Program that got ol’ Box Turtle Ben hired in the first place.

And I’ll bet you thought this story was dead.  No chance, Ramesh.  

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Jane Hamsher

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