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'Bushit' bumper sticker gets woman $100 fine in GA

Sigh. This is nuts. Is it the “Bush” or the “it” that’s the problem, or the “Bu” and the “shit”, officer? Round up the bumf*ck beat cops/highway police who don’t have anything better to do. (Atlanta Journal Constitution, via Raw Story):

[Denise Grier] pulled over on Chamblee-Tucker Road, unaware of her infraction.

“The officer asked if I knew I had a lewd decal on my car and I thought, ‘Oh gosh, what did my kids put on my car?’ “

As it turns out, the decal was an anti-Bush bumper sticker Grier slapped on her 2001 Chrysler Sebring last summer. The bumper sticker — “I’m Tired Of All The BUSH—” — contains an expletive.

The officer “said DeKalb had an ordinance about lewd decals and wrote me a ticket” for $100, said Grier, an oncology nurse at Emory University Hospital who lives in Athens.

“This is all about free speech,” Grier said in a telephone interview Monday. “The officer pulled me over because he didn’t agree with my politics. That’s what this is about, not whether I support Bush, not because of the war in Iraq, but about my right to free speech.”

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding