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Andy Card Resigns


NBC is reporting that Andrew Card has resigned as President Bush’s Chief of Staff.  The President has tapped Joshua Bolten to be the new Chief of Staff — and is currently announcing it from the Oval Office.  (Bolten has worked with Bush since his time in Texas — nothing like looking to your circle of cronies first for someone.  Wouldn’t want anyone who would irritate the President with pesky truthiness or anything…)

David Gregory reported this morning that Card submitted his resignation three weeks ago, but that the President did not accept the resignation officially until last weekend at Camp David.

Wonder what Turdblossom thinks about being passed over by a budget wonk?  Although realistically, it’s easier to be a nasty political operative in the shadows than in the bright glare of the sunshine, isn’t it?

UPDATE:  Russert reports on NBC that Bolten and Rove and close friends.  Cozy.  Russert says that his sense is that this staff change is the first of a number to come — that relations with the WH and Congress are in need of some serious mending.

UPDATE #2The WaPo has more.

But his stewardship of the Bush team had come under question in recent months after a series of mishaps, including the failed Supreme Court nomination of Harriet Miers, the slow public disclosure of Vice President Cheney’s shooting accident and the unexpected Republican revolt over a plan to turn management at a half dozen ports to an Arab-owned company.

The senior administration official, who spoke on condition of anonymity to avoid upstaging the president’s announcement, said Card approached Bush earlier this month about the possibility of stepping down and then two had several discussions about the idea. Card then went with Bush to Camp David last weekend, where they settled on a decision and timing.

Good morning Karl. Nice send-off for Andy, all you missed was the "don’t let the door hit you on the ass" snark.  Nothing like bringing up your former boss’s failures in print — much more appropriate than some flowers or golf balls for this WH anyway, I suppose.  The NYTimes also had the story.

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