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A dilemma for the 'pro-life' crowd…

Since every human life is precious to the bible-beaters — no exceptions allowed — how do they weigh in on a case like this? From the South African news site IOL:

In a rare operation, Pakistani doctors on Tuesday removed two foetuses, one of them fully grown, from the abdomen of a 45-day-old baby.

The infant, Nazia, was brought to Pakistan’s Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) in Islamabad with a swollen abdomen four days ago by her parents who are poor labourers from the Swat district in the North-Western Frontier Province (NWFP).

“Such cases in medical history are very rare,” Dr Muqqadar Shah, one of the surgeons who performed the surgery, told Deutsche Presse Agentur (dpa).

The doctors carried out the surgery after X-ray and ultrasound tests showed abnormal growth in the abdomen.


Almost as if on cue, Jan LaRue of Concerned Women of America makes her case that every life is precious…

A spokesperson for Concerned Women for America says more and more pro-lifers are rejecting the past ideas of “abortion exceptions” when it comes to incest and rape. CWA’s Jan LaRue says she is glad to see this new attitude among defenders of the unborn. LaRue says pregnancies resulting from incest and rape always produce two victims — the mother and her unborn child — because in the past, pro-lifers have been willing to go along with an abortion in those instances. “But when you think long and hard about it, you recognize that we can never, never allow killing under the pretext of curing,” says the organization’s chief counsel.

The change in attitude is important, she says, because “this is a human being. It’s just a matter of age, development, and ability,” says LaRue. “We would [never] think of allowing a rape victim who gave birth, and then had a flashback to the rape, to consider killing a three-year-old child.” Likewise, she says, “we shouldn’t think of allowing her to kill a child of three months gestation either.” LaRue is excited about the change in attitude among pro-lifers. She believes it is part of a turnaround in the nation that may on day set the stage to bring an end to Roe v. Wade.

Hat tip, Paul.

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