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Wingers gloat over "killing" Charlotte's Pride fest

The bigoted mayor of Charlotte, Patrick McCrory, was against last year’s Pride, saying that it belonged in a hotel, and not where the public could see the festivities. McCrory also made headlines that year for snubbing a major HRC convention’s request for a letter of welcome from the Queen City.

I know that Charlotte Pride has had financial and political difficulties to deal with, aside from the pressure from area bible beaters like Flip Benham, who has had his group Operation Save America picket Pride there in the past. Now Flip seems to be crowing that he’s killed Charlotte Pride altogether for 2006.

“Charlotte Pride,” that horrific abomination where homosexual perversion is paraded publicly in Marshall Park in Downtown Charlotte every spring, is finished! Thank God! – Rev Flip Benham, Operation Save America, formerly known as Operation Rescue.

No more open displays of obscenity with photos of males in full frontal nudity. No more vendor booths selling S&M; merchandise. No more sound stage with transvestite dancers simulating sodomy with children. No more vile and threatening comments made toward children by homosexual comedians. Marshall Park will be free this year from the vile assaults of the homosexual community.

Operation Save America Director Rev. Philip L. (Flip) Benham baptizing Norma (Jane Roe) McCorvey.

We pray that God will push the radical homosexual agenda – not just back into the closet – but all the way into its lying, murderous grave, and leave no marker for it. We pray that what happened here will provide a bright ray of hope for gentle Christians who are battling the radical homosexual agenda and “Gay Pride Events,” in their own cities. We pray that many who are lost in the bondage of homosexual lust and sin will be set free by the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

How did this happen? Gentle Christians took the battle to the streets. For the past four years we have been bringing King Jesus to “Charlotte Pride,” the very gates of hell! We have found that the gates of hell cannot prevail against the Church of Jesus Christ!

As the Church has come out of the closet, the homosexual community has returned to the closet. Light and darkness cannot coexist. Life and death are not compatible – the beginning of one is the end of the other. Christianity and homosexuality are sworn enemies – one brings life, the other brings death.

Flip and his stooges are planning a press conference the Charlotte Mecklenburg Government Center, 600 E. Fourth Street in the main chamber tonight at 6:30 PM bleating for “victory is claimed in the name of Jesus Christ!”

I hope there is a counter protest out there, gay Charlotte.

Remember, this is the same county with a district that keep sending wild-eyed, anally fixated bigot Bill James back to his county commission seat unopposed.


Now, the facts: there will not be a Pride celebration in Marshall Park, but there will be visibility and a celebration in Charlotte, and local gay publication QNotes has details on the tactics being used by OSA to try to get information on the event.

These wingers are sick people. Here’s David Moore, QNotes editor:

After organizers of last year’s event bowed out on continuing production of the festival, Q-Notes came together with the Charlotte Gay and Lesbian Community Center to form a new event: PrideCharlotte.

Now under the direction of an organized task force run by co-chair and Center Director Laura Witkowski and Q-Notes Publisher and interim co-chair Jim Yarbrough, PrideCharlotte is putting together plans for a new and even better event.

And you better believe we’re already under the microscope from OSA founder Flip Benham and his minions.

Michael Brown, the director of an organization known as the “Coalition of Conscience” — the red shirts that invaded last year’s Pride — has been in direct contact with me, requesting “dialogue” on Charlotte Pride and wanting to know info about the upcoming event. Benham recently called Center Director and Pride Charlotte Co-Chair Laura Witkowski to see what details he could glean from her.

Do we look like we were born yesterday guys?

OSA landed on our previously peaceful turf a little over four years ago and immediately set their sights on Charlotte’s gay and lesbian community. They haven’t let up since. If recent developments are any indication — they’re still chomping at the bit to bring their warped interpretation of Christianity to Charlotte’s LGBT community.

Here at the Q-Notes office we’ve been deluged by callers insisting on anonymity, but requesting any and all information we have on the year’s Pride festival. Where will it be held? What’s the date? Where can we go to find out more details?

Fact of the matter is, none of those details have been confirmed as of yet. That information will be released as soon as all plans are in place.

Right now — there are a few things I can tell you.

Coming up at Charlotte’s Gay and Lesbian Center on May 6 — the originally scheduled date for this year’s Charlotte Pride — will be a Pride Block Party. A fundraiser for the upcoming PrideCharlotte festival, the day-long event will include speakers, musical performances, food vendors, a bazaar and a car and dog wash. For more details contact the Lesbian and Gay Center at 704-333-0144.

On May 26 the Wyndham Garden Hotel is hosting a formal cocktail reception, dinner and fashion show fundraiser — also for PrideCharlotte. Details about that event can be found at

As you can see — the spirit of LGBT Pride is alive and well in Charlotte. Word to OSA — and we know you’re reading — your actions have backfired. You woke up the wrong sleeping bear.

Hat tip, Adrian

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