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Class on the bench

Justice Scalia flips the finger in church. Nice touch of class — he did it after attending a special mass for lawyers and politicians at Cathedral of the Holy Cross. Can’t wait to see if the photo surfaces. (via Raw Story):

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia startled reporters in Boston just minutes after attending a mass, by flipping a middle finger to his critics.

A Boston Herald reporter asked the 70-year-old conservative Roman Catholic if he faces much questioning over impartiality when it comes to issues separating church and state.

You know what I say to those people?” Scalia replied, making the obscene gesture and explaining “That’s Sicilian.”

The 20-year veteran of the high court was caught making the gesture by a photographer with The Pilot, the Archdiocese of Boston’s newspaper.

“Don’t publish that,” Scalia told the photographer, the Herald said.

Bird boy also made a speech in which he dismissed the notion that detainees had any rights under the U.S. Constitution or international conventions.

Hat tip to Paul, who said “You wouldn’t understand, it’s a Republican thang… Must be their “message to America”, so far we have Cheney, Bush and now Scalia.”

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding