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Liberal Bloggers: We Clean Up Nicely


I’m shocked, I tell you, shocked to see that lefty bloggers were invited on television to speak about what lefty bloggers did in the Ben Domenech criminal  incident. Markos was on Reliable Sources this morning (Crook & Liars has the video):

Markos:  [W]hat we saw was that not only did Jim Brady not understand the nature of partisanship online, but he doesn’t know how to use Google. He runs, couldn’t simply Google Domenech’s previous writings and realize that the guy was a serial plagiarist. The guy has no clue how the Internet works and he runs "The Washington Post" online operations. It’s startling.

Markos was great, watch the video. 

And Peter Daou was on MSNBC last night talking about BushCo’s war on journalists. During the Lil’ Debbie flap we were treated to 24/7 Jim Brady and his song and dance about how uncouth liberal bloggers were, with nobody taking the actual trouble to ask us for the other side of the story.  I sound ungrateful here and I shouldn’t; having Bill O’Reilly call us online terrorists funded by liberal billionaires was one of the greatest moments of my life.

Anyway things appear to be shifting a bit.  Even Atrios is now auditioning for the blogger gig with a Preznit Give Me Turkeey redux.   Will the blogosphere be dealt a fatal blow as our best and brightest get sucked up by corporate media? 

Somehow I’m not too worried that Brady is going to recognize talent when he sees it.

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