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The Easter (fashion) wars

Shakes Sis has a post at her pad that picks up on my earlier blogging about the claim by the wingnuts at WorldNetDaily that Easter, like Christmas, is under attack. No, not by folks raking in the dough menacing us to worship at the altar of Peeps and pastel M&Ms;, but the war over the right to call the rabbit bearing candy the Easter Bunny versus Spring Bunny. It’s insane.

Also in her post, Shakes Sis offered up the real war — the fashion wars, and shares a pic that you don’t want to miss. Those of us who grew up having to suffer through Easter services in uncomfortable clothing chosen by parents (sorely mistaken that the outfits looked cute) suffered the additional indignity of having the fashion mistake committed to film.

My sacrifice…

I’m sure that this outfit involved unnatural fibers, argh.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding