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NC's precious homobigot Bill James rises again

A lot of Blenders are fairly new to the pad, so you may not be familiar with North Carolina’s version of Rick Santorum when it comes to homo-sex obsession, Mecklenburg County Commissioner Bill James.

Last year, James went on an e-rampage in opposition to the board’s effort to add sexual orientation to the county’s anti-discrimination ordinance. It eventually passed, but not without some extremely entertaining and outrageously embarrassing emails that Mr. James sent out in his capacity as Commissioner (representing district 6). Here’s just a sampling of the kind of language he used to make his point.

From: Commissioner Bill James
To: =emails deleted=
Sent: Friday, April 29, 2005 8:56 AM
Subject: Perversity is not diversity

You really think that a pool of people (homosexuals) where 45% of them eat feces from the rear end of another male is “normal”? If you do, you are frankly nuts.

A lifestyle where one of their past times is buying gerbils and hamsters from the pet store and cramming them up their rears in an activity called feltching? A group of people who like to urinate on their partners and call them “golden showers”? Where one of the honored members of the Gay Alliance is an organization called the “Man-Boy Love Association” that promotes sex with underage boys?

That behavior is worthy of protection? That behavior is worthy to be taught in our schools? to our children? You are one sick “Independent, white, married-heterosexual, presbyterian” if you do…

Commissioner Bill James
Mecklenburg County Board of Commissioners
Matthews, North Carolina


Or this gem:

From: “Commissioner Bill James”
Subject: RE: doing god’s work
Date: Mon, 16 May 2005 16:30:59 -0400

All the GOP are opposing it. Perversity is not diversity. You can try and re-define the Bible all you want. Fake Christians are good that way.

The Bible condemns it and clearly says that unrepentant homo’s are going to Hell.

That is the kind of Christian I am. One that understands the Bible, knows what it says and believes it. I will not support or endorse Sodomy. Period.

Bottom line (a term homo’s seem to “understand”). The Democrats promotion of sodomy and other perverse activities including “gay marriage” will be used against them in the next elections.

This homobigot psycho is a sex-act-obsessed publicity whore, and he has appeared, as you can see in the picture up top, on Hannity and Colmes, spewing his nonsense. It’s hard to believe that this man ran unopposed in his district.

When I ran that first post, the comments and responses to it were fabulously entertaining. Take a look.

But back to the present day. I received an email this week from one of my inside sources on the goings-on in Mecklenburg County, and he’s at it again; this time Bill James is getting his knickers in a twist over the prospect of a diversity summit sponsored by the National Conference for Community and Justice (NCCJ). Heaven forbid they teach young people that gay-bashing is bad. All the emphasis is mine.

From: Commissioner Bill James
To: = deleted=
Importance: High

March 14, 2006

Dear Dr. Haithcock, Ms. Clark, Mr. Green, Ms. McGarry, Mr. Gauvreau and Mr. Gjertzen:

In a follow up to the request for clarity regarding “diversity days” or “days of silence” I received on my desk at the County Commission this week the following letter from NCCJ (formerly the National Conference of Christians and Jews). The letter is attached for your review.

In that letter, dated March 9th the NCCJ indicates that it intends to put on a “diversity summit” at Providence High School and E.E. Waddell High School using CMS [Charlotte-Mecklenburg System] taxpayer resources during the school day with students present and participating. It references that its focus is to “empower students”. Perhaps the event doesn’t involve students but if it was just a seminar for adults it could be held at the Marriott not a two high schools. The letter is signed by Macey Williams, Youth Program coordinator of the NCCJ, Caroline Choe, Student Planning Team Providence High and Nikeeta Pal, Student Planning team at Waddell High. I do not know if the last two are CMS employees or students.

In the second paragraph is a statement that the Summit (which will be held on a School day during school hours) “will address diversity in ALL of its aspects – race, religion, socio-economic status, gender, age, ability/disability, sexual orientation……”

It also states they will have “workshops” that include “building and managing a diversity club”. Thankfully, the Principal of Butler has rejected announcements involving the promotion of such seedy behavior for this year however it seems clear that this push to promote this behavior goes beyond a few schools but to a broad push by the NCCJ and others to get students to accept through the back door what their parents have said is wrong and the State says should not be taught or promoted.

This is wholly inappropriate on school property, during the school day with students in attendance. Whether this program is directly related to the previous “day of silence” that I have complained to you about (and await an answer) I can’t say. Ann Clark’s e-mail dated April 13th of last year mentions that the reason that these were organized was in part as a result of a national campaign to raise awareness of “discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LBGT) individuals.”

Clearly, the assumption made by the NCCJ and the principals at the two High Schools and other CMS management is that LBGT individuals are unlawfully discriminated against. As you know (and Mo will tell you) that is not the case because LBGT identified individuals do not qualify as a “protected class”. “Diversity clubs” that include “sexual orientation” as a goal are unacceptable as taxpayer funded school day events because State law does not recognize sexual orientation as a valid or approved class and State law related to public education discourages such behavior (see 11-3-2005 decision of the State Board of Education).

It is frankly distressing that CMS appears to insist on both flaunting the law and public opinion by using taxpayer resources (two high schools and assorted staff) as well as CMS students. Both the process by which the event is planned and its location appears to be nothing more than an attempt to force children to accept that which their parents teach them is wrong. Most parents teach their children that homosexuality is wrong, a sin, illegal or immoral).This summit undermines that parental authority and State law.

Until such time as the NC Board of Public Instruction approves of “Sexual Orientation” as a valid protected class, and NCGS 115c-81 and NCGS 14-177 are changed you should not allow CMS students to be involved in such a mis-guided event on School Property, subsidized by Federal, State and County resources during the School day where students will naturally assume that the po
sitions presented are the law.

Were this just an “activity” club that was done after school that would raise limited issues. Having it on school property DURING THE SCHOOL DAY and involving students throughout both schools who will see the banners, discussions and other promotion of pro-homosexual positions is to clearly send the message that CMS considers “perversity” to be “diversity”.

If such a “diversity event” is to be held on taxpayer property and involve CMS school children during the regular school day it should be limited to diversity as defined by state law and exclude any discussion of homosexuality.

What the State condemns you can not sanction during the school day. I urge you to require modifications to this function or cancel it.

Bill James

* CharMeck homo-bigot will not STFU
* CharMeck County Board meets tonight; wingnuts are coming out

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