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Sucking the Right off feels so good to Mitt

Can he work any harder to give the Right an orgasm? Just asking.

In an apparent pitch to the crucial evangelical base of the Republican Party, Governor Mitt Romney says he has been ”at the forefront” of the nation’s toughest cultural battles and that his values are ”on the same page” with the Christian right.

Romney, a possible presidential candidate, says in an upcoming interview on C-SPAN that conservative values that ”lead to our success as a nation” are ”under attack.” He also says that evangelical Christians in Massachusetts have been among his key supporters.

Some political analysts have suggested that evangelical Christians will not support Romney because of theological differences with his Mormonism. Romney tried to dispel that notion during a taping of the C-SPAN program ”Q&A;,” to air Sunday night. ”I know a number of great evangelicals that I speak with and that are very interested in me and what I stand for,” he told host Brian Lamb, according to a transcript of the interview released yesterday. ”We worked together in Massachusetts. They had no difficulty supporting me there.”

Hat tip Holly.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding