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RedState blogger is g-o-n-e

I updated the original post with the letter from WaPo editor Jim Brady and Red State reaction.

Here’s the latest RedState thread on his resignation.

The left has their blood today. Ben resigned from the He did not resign from RedState – and even if he tried to do so, we would have refused to accept it. The four Directors of this site, including Ben, had a call earlier today shortly after he spoke with the Post and we’re happy that Ben’s staying right here.

We are disappointed in the turn of events, yes. We are also disappointed in some of our allies in their rush to judgement. But, alas, we live and die by the speed of the Internet. As I said yesterday, the conservative movement is larger than me, you, Ben, Redstate, or any individual or group.

Back to quality original blogging, eh Ben? Cya…

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding