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Hospital patient-dumping caught on video

Downtown Los Angeles is now the official dumping ground for homeless patients in the greater L.A. area. For months, city officials have been told about hospitals in the outlying areas putting discharged patients into cabs and having them dropped off on Skid Row downtown.

NPR has video and screen shots of one incident, which was captured by the cameras at the Union Rescue Mission

Security cameras outside the Union Rescue Mission, the city’s largest homeless shelter, show a taxi pulling a U-turn in front of the building. Several seconds later, an elderly woman in a hospital gown shuffles into view. She appears to have only hospital socks on her feet, and walks in the street for a while before turning back to the mission entrance.

…It was later determined that Reyes was released from the Kaiser Permanente hospital in the city of Bellflower, 16 miles southeast of the mission.

…”We have a very high concentration of services in a small geographic area,” [City Council member Jan] Perry says. “And for municipalities who don’t want to… extend themselves to the homeless, it’s an easy excuse to just bring them over here and leave them here.”

Hat tip, Paul, who said: “Well here is the result of Bush’s “Faith Based” social services – pray like hell that nothing happens to you.”

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