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Here's a real welcome wagon statement in Utah

Your gay and gay-ally dollars don’t need to be spent in Kanab, Utah. The county has a quarter-million visitors a year, so tourism is the bread-and-butter of the region. (Salt Lake Tribune):

The nonbinding resolution – drafted by the conservative Sutherland Institute – calls marriage between a man and woman “ordained of God” and urges homes to be open to a “full quiver of children.” It also encourages young women to become “wives, homemakers and mothers” and young men to grow into “husbands, home builders and fathers.

I take it that the quiver of children means a mother is required to shoot an infant out of her womb every year or so, with accuracy.

Ever since Kanab’s City Council unanimously adopted the nonbinding document last month, the topic has been issue No. 1 in this scenic southern Utah city. Letters filled four pages of the Feb. 1 Southern Utah News.

“How mean-spirited, how sad,” writes Kanab resident Vicky Cooper. “We are not all the same. Some of us don’t have a quiver of children because we see problems from overpopulation and choose not to add to them.” Says Greg Metcalf of Kanab: “I would showcase my heroic, widowed, working mother’s ‘unnatural’ family with the council’s natural family anytime.”

The Rev. Doug Hounshell says he “thanks God for a community that doesn’t think it has to be ‘gay-friendly.'”

“We don’t mean to be mean-spirited,” says Hounshell, pastor of Cliffview Chapel Baptist Church in Kanab. “But the message to a homosexual might be that this is probably not the friendliest town for that type of thing.”

Let’s see…yes, you do mean to be mean-spirited you cretin.

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